Crowdsourcing #1: Get Me A Job

I hate ties.

The idea behind crowdsourcing is that many small contributions can outweigh one great contribution.

Guess what? I’ve found that when that one great contribution comes from me, it isn’t enough. That’s where you come in.

Maybe with some small nudges from you–the crowd–I can get over the top and on the way to the money. If any of you can think of a position that you think would be great for me, send me the listing–I’ll be grateful. Even if I don’t get the job, it’s great practice to go through and learn more about what’s out there.

I’ll give you a little help, though, in thinking of what kinds of positions I’d like–

  • anything international development or environmental/sustainability focused gets a big plus
  • anything else with a focus on social impact gets a smaller plus
  • I’m into urban planning
  • though my background is qualitative, I’m comfortable doing quant work
  • I just want a cool job for a couple years, not a full-blown career
  • purely administrative positions are out the window
  • anything very challenging gets a big plus–I need to pushed
  • in the end, I’d say that my measure of a position works on two axes: one, is it a position with positive impact on the world? two, is it a position that is challenging or rewarding in such a way as to put me in a better position to make a positive impact down the road? (this is somewhat broadly construed) For example, a business consulting position would score poorly on the first measure, but might do well enough on the second (transferable skills, money for grad school, etc) to make it worthwhile.
  • a sampling of my favorite companies I’ve applied to over the last couple months, so you know what areas I’ve been interested in:
  • Abt Consulting (Social and Economic Policy Research), J. Ottman Consulting (green marketing consulting), Net Impact (CSR nonprofit), Samasource (new development/tech startup), Fair Trade USA (fair trade nonprofit), Environmental Defense Fund, Environmental Law Institute, Food & Water Watch (environmental nonprofits), Google, Institute for the Future (future studies), Luce Fellowship (travel + placement in Asia), ideas42 (consultancy using behavioral psychology insights for policy), Brooks (running shoe company, CSR position), Yale University (sustainability position)

Click here for my résumé: Higgins Resume with NI

Please check out my résumé to examine my qualifications. In short–anthropology major from a top liberal arts school, graduated near the top of my class with academic emphasis on environmental and development studies, extracurricular emphasis on environmental activism and student radio, and work experience in government intelligence work (Lawrence Livermore) and nonprofits (Net Impact).


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